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About brake linings

Before we look at SAIB in depth, lets get farmiliar with what brake linings are
Brake linings are composed of a relatively soft but tough and heat-resistant material with a high coefficient of dynamic friction (and ideally an identical coefficient of static friction) typically mounted to a solid metal backing using high-temperature adhesives or rivets. The complete assembly (including lining and backing) is then often called a brake pad or brake shoe

About SAIB brake linings

SAIB manufactures Brake Linings and Rolls, notebly, one of the best quality. Competitive through out the globe. Our customers have verified this; not as an opinion, but as a fact, based on the kind of service it offers
We all, obviously want whats best for our vehicle, from personal vehicles, PSV, commercial truck to heavy trucks and trailers. SAIB takes this into deep consideration


  • Long Mileage
  • Heavy Duty
  • Top Quality
Quality Information | Certifications

  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO/TS 16949:2009