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To use our products & services to inspire splendid service delivery through our team
To be the company that best understands the need for quality products and services to fulfil the desires of our customers
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High quality products
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Trojesee Traders limited is an auto-spares dealer company that deals only with various motor vehicle spare parts. We deals with genuine high quality parts and services. We are local giant with influences pervading beyond the borders. Having customers from every corner of East Africa. We fulfills both personal purchases and bulky purchases to wholesale and retail businesses. Our prices are very affordable and pocket friendly.

Best price

We have been around for a while, having our roots standing on humble grounds, this makes our services top notch, since we are fueled by experience and we understand the market. We deliver professional services too, which is made possible by an experienced and dedicated team.

We care about you, our customer which makes us not rest not unless we have confidence in your satisfaction.

Word from Management

Our products and Services include; Clutch Plates, Brake Linings, Brake rolls, Studs, Axel Stud, Center bolts, Pressure Plates, Segments, Bostic, Fingers, fan belts and Clutch Facings.
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