1.  Some Brake linings crack on use;

We are aware that some brake linings out there crack while in use, and we know that can be quite catastrophic. The cracking is caused by the brake linings failing to withstand the friction resulting high temperatures. SAIB  brake linings have this factored in, forged to operate normally using high temperature resin.

2. Some Brake linings leave a dust residue after a short time of use; 

That is common when the brake linings are grinding against the brake drum , the friction causes constant wearing and tearing, this dust can reduce the braking efficiency significantly. However, SAIB Brake linings are forged with sufficient fibre against the metal particles, holding the composite well together and rubbing off the dust on brake application. 

3.  Some Brake Linings wear out very fast;

The friction on the drum causes wearing by default, if the brake linings installed are not tough enough to withstand this friction , they get eaten off by the drum quite fast. SAIB Brake linings are very tough. They have enough Graphite and copper particles embedded within the brake lining material.

4.  Some Brake linings end up destroying the Brake Drum

This is true, some brake linings are very rough, with a lot of metal particles embedded in them, and this overwhelms the brake drums negatively, these kinds of brake linings barely wear out, which alternatively explain the wearing out of the drum. SAIB Brake linings are tough but very soft, everything is mixed together by friction modifiers like zinc and brass.

5.   Rivet sitting collapse;

This happens for the extremely soft brake linings, the rivet sitting collapse during the riveting process. Our brake linings are the best described as homogeneous, dense, rigid and high strength. Strong enough to withstand the riveting impact space.

6.   Why should we buy your brake linings?

Besides being of excellent quality, we offer our brake linings at a very convenient and competitive price, this is approximately 40% off all the equal players in the market.

Enjoy efficiency at a fair price.